Fortnite Battle Royale: Should players receive a reward for winning a game?


Winning a game of Fortnite Battle Royale is not easy by any means. Regardless of if you are playing solos, duos, or squads, you still need to outlive at a minimum 96 other players. So, should Epic Games reward players for winning games?

One of the many ideas being floated in the forums by the Fortnite community is players receiving some kind of reward for winning a game. Although some competitive players and streamers win seemingly every other game, casual players tend to not win every day.

The question has been raised, should there be some kind of small reward distributed to players based on their performance in game? I think there totally should be. Not everyone who plays Fortnite wants to spend money on the Battle Pass or V-Bucks in order to get skins.

The reward doesn’t have to be – and shouldn’t be – a huge amount of V-Bucks, XP, or Battle Pass tiers, but some kind of compensation would be very much appreciated.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about.

Giving players an option like this to make winning a game that much more important would make the games even more exciting. If I knew I could win 50 V-Bucks or get an XP boost to reach that next level, I would try even harder than normal to achieve a Victory Royale.

Although I don’t expect the developers to start giving out rewards, it is a fantastic idea from the community and would make players very happy and more motivated to play each and every day.

Another possible reward system Epic could implement is the daily login reward like Call of Duty World War II. Each day you get on to play the multiplayer, you get credits which you can use to buy guns and uniforms.

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The daily login reward for Fortnite wouldn’t even have to involve V-Bucks, but could be a temporary XP boost or five to ten Battle Pass stars which will help you reach that next tier higher.

I know a bunch of players who would love to be rewarded for their dedication. I think the creative minds behind this game should seriously consider adding these things into the game to make it even better.

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