Fortnite Battle Royale: Shopping cart issues continue for Epic Games

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

The shopping cart is our favorite addition to Fortnite but they have been experiencing some bugs. Hopefully Epic Games can get this problem sorted out for good.

Shopping carts are gone. Wait, they are back. Oh no, they are gone again. Epic Games has been having some trouble keeping Fortnite’s greatest recent addition in the game lately due to some seemingly unsolvable bugs.

The carts were initially taken down for repair two weeks ago. Since then, they’ve cycled between returning and being put on hold three more times. The most recent repair had them return from a June 16th outage only to be taken out again in a span of two hours.

It would seem one of the issues with the carts is that it is allowing some players to exploit a glitch that lets players remain unseen under the surface of the map while being able to take out other players (Fortnite‘s “upside down,” for you Stranger Things fans).

The following video shows how the glitch works. As this streamer says in the video, keep in mind that you can get reported and/or banned for trying this so it’s probably best not to do it (assuming Epic doesn’t fix the cart glitch properly once again).

The shopping carts have been one of the best additions we’ve ever seen to the game. Whether you need an extra boost to get out of the storm or you just want to ride around and have some fun, the carts are awesome.

We hope that Epic Games can get this problem sorted out for good because everyone wants the shopping carts back in the game and fully functional without having to worry about cheaters playing under the map for eliminations. If you ever see this, hit the replay and report it.

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