Fortnite Battle Royale: Which tier 100 skin is better – John Wick or Omega?

Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games /
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The case for Omega

At first glance, I was unsure about this skin. But, after unlocking it for myself and using it, I can say with complete confidence that this is one of the best skins the game has seen. To go along with Omega, the Onslaught pickaxe is absolutely beautiful.

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The combination of the orange lights and the black background color matches the skin perfectly, and despite its annoying sound when swinging it, it is still pretty dang awesome.

I love that once you unlock the skin, you still need to keep playing the game and grinding level by level to unlock all the armor for the character and the pickaxe. In order to unlock all the customizable options for Omega – and Carbide – you need to reach level 80.

While the harvesting tool and all the additional armor is unlocked at level 55, if you want to be able to choose from four different colors to accent the skin, reaching level 80 is the goal.

Talk about a mean looking character who will instill fear in enemies when rushing up the side of their base – Omega is that guy. The only downside of having this skin on is the lights on it.

Yes, they look very cool, but it allows enemies to spot you from a greater distance. Much like the Dark Voyager from season three, the neon orange lights against the black background really stands out in shadows or during the game’s night cycle.