Fortnite Battle Royale: Ninja and Red Bull kick off partnership with overnight tournament

Credit: PC Gamer, Twitter
Credit: PC Gamer, Twitter /

Ninja has partnered with Red Bull to bring us an overnight Fortnite Battle Royale duo’s tournament for the ages. Here’s to the start of what will be a successful partnership.

If you’ve heard of Fortnite, you’ve heard the name Ninja being tossed around as the game’s current Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzky. Whether or not you think he’s the best, Ninja is easily Fortnite Battle Royale‘s most famous player. When he announced he’d be partnering with Red Bull to put on game-changing events, no one was surprised.

The Red Bull and Ninja partnership is kicking off with an overnight duo tournament from the 99th floor of Chicago’s Willis Tower. The event will be streaming live from Ninja’s Twitch channel.

This is great for all parties involved. Ninja builds his brand, Fortnite reaches new heights and popularity and Red Bull snags the world’s most famous esports personality, who pulled in more social media mentions than Portuguese World Cup soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo last month.

The “Red Bull Rise Till Dawn” tournament will start at sunset on July 21st and run until sunrise the following morning. The event sold out about as fast as a Justin Bieber concert. Here are the full details of the tournament.

Surprisingly, the top prize is only around $2,000 which seems low, given the amount of production going in to this tournament. Perhaps Red Bull has some tricks up their sleeve but if this is successful, we will likely expect to see them put more money into the prize pool for future tournaments.

Fortnite continues to grow in popularity and push the esports world to new crowds. Earlier this month, the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament peaked at over two million viewers. Ninja’s partnership with Red Bull will continue to push the game to new audiences.

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