Fortnite Battle Royale: Assault Rifle combo surpasses double shotgun

Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press /

Fortnite Battle Royale has seen some major changes to the meta of the game with shotguns being the strongest weapon for nearly its entire life. Now, a deadly Assault Rifle combo may be the best option for players to use.

The end of the double shotgun meta?

With the double shotgun meta beginning to phase out following nerfs in the 4.3 Patch, players are now faced with the task of finding what new kit will give them the competitive edge over their opponents. Damage reduction to pump shotgun has decreased the value of carrying two shotguns. One less shotgun opens up an additional slot for players to experiment with.

What’s next?

A possible new loadout players might see could consist of a two AR’s. In this scenario, the player preferably has the epic variety of both the Burst Rifle, FAMAS the automatic Assault Rifle, or the SCAR. Having both of these weapons in your kit at one time offers a player multiple ways to attack his opponents at different distances.


  • Stronger at distance – The FAMAS offers a higher accuracy shot.
  • Maintain DPS – In terms of Damage Per Second, the SCAR outclasses the FAMAS by far. Carrying the SCAR gives a player additional DPS that can be applied to structures or used as a follow up to a shotgun shot.
  • Interchangeable – In fights with more enemies, having the power to switch back and forth is clutch. Whether you’re melting opponents with the FAMAS or spraying down walls with the SCAR, you’re prepared for anything when you have both.


  • One less slot – Just like during the double shotgun meta, carrying two rifles leaves only three free slots. Players will have three slots to carry rockets, a sniper, or heals.
  • Doing too much – A new meta means a new way to play. Having to learn a new play style could lead to struggles at first.
  • Not for everyone – Not everyone’s game is built for double rifles. Passive players will find little benefit in carrying both. Similarly, players used to heavy pushing with two shotguns will need to play a bit more cautiously.

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Is it worth it?

Like all in-game decisions, choosing to carry two of the same weapon comes with positives and negatives. A double assault rifle tactic has yet to catch traction but as players begin to move away from multiple shotguns, a double rifle scenario offers sure-fire value.

If you can adjust your play to maximize your loadout value, you’re guaranteed to increase your win rate. The versatility a player has with both rifles gives them a new gameplan to dominate the competition. As the Fortnite World Cup moves closer, every competitive advantage will be used by players.

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