Fortnite Battle Royale is now out on Nintendo Switch

Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press /

Epic Games had some big news Tuesday at the annual E3 gaming conference. Ahead of the Fortnite Pro-Am tonight, the developers announced that Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to Nintendo Switch, today.

Fortnite has now managed to conquer every gaming platform available right now. After incredible success on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, fans of the Switch can now join in and play the game.

Leaks yesterday tipped fans that the game was set to be released on the popular Nintendo console this morning. However, after some reports that the Nintendo (like the PS4) would feature exclusive content, Epic failed to comment on whether there will be console specific skins and emotes.

I think the first and most important thing the developers need to focus on out of the gate is making sure the servers are up and running properly. As we have seen in the past with the release of new seasons and after updates, so many players want to play right away that the system crashes and causing significant problems.

That was the case with the release of Fortnite for free on the Nintendo eStore this morning.

The problem was quickly fixed and the game should be running smoothly now (knock on wood). I personally do not own a Switch but after the release of the biggest Battle Royale in the world and the announcement of Super Smash Bros coming soon, I might have to invest.

For those gamers who have played on console or the PC, the change to the mobile version of the game wasn’t that intriguing. But, with the Nintendo Switch having a fantastic portable feature, you can now play Fortnite Battle Royale wherever. Hooray!

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The only bad news coming from this release is that the crew over at Sony is still blocking cross-platform access with the Xbox One and now the Switch. However, players on the Xbox PC, Mac, and mobile can all play with gamers on the Switch, as confirmed by PR representative Nick Chester.

Epic Games keeps dominating the gaming industry by making what seems like all the right moves every step of the way. Will they stop or can they stop?

I don’t think so. If you have this system, go ahead and check out the game and let us here at Forever Fortnite know what you think. Is the game running smoothly? How do the graphics look?

Tweet us @FSFortnite and let us know! Enjoy putting hours and hours into this crazy fun game!

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