Valiant Victory: Overcoming Sickness in FNCS

In the midst of fierce competition, a skilled player showcased an outstanding performance despite contending with conjunctivitis.
Who will be #1 tonight?
Who will be #1 tonight? / Epic Games | Fortnite Competitive X

Last weekend marked the kickoff of Fortnite's most prestigious tournament, the FNCS. Amidst the intense competition, one professional player delivered a phenomenal performance despite battling conjunctivitis.

In a remarkable turn of events, a European player rose to prominence in the FNCS, defying the odds despite suffering from conjunctivitis. Truly commendable. Fortnite's FNCS stands as the pinnacle tournament of the season, where players must make sacrifices to compete at the highest level. Yet, none have displayed more audacity than German professional player, Vadeal.

Alexander Schlik, his given name, currently teams up with fellow German player Lennard "Rezon ay" Sill. Following a seventh-place finish in the previous FNCS, they are once again vying for Rezon's first FNCS title.

After a dominant showing in the initial stage, the young duo seemed poised for success. However, a significant issue arose before the commencement of the second stage. Vadeal mentioned in his Twitch chat, "My eyes hurt a lot," noting slight redness. In his distinctive style, he added, "Feels like someone has... my eyes."

Despite being hindered by his eyes, the Wave Esports legend and former FNCS champion pressed on alongside Rezon, battling through each of the remaining three stages on Saturday and Sunday.

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In the final stage on Sunday, they faced the worst possible start, succumbing early three times in a row. Nevertheless, they rallied and delivered masterful performances in multiple games. In their final match, they once again bounced back and secured a commendable 50th-place finish.

It was a series of incredible performances to witness from someone battling conjunctivitis, and we wish Vadeal a speedy recovery!