Unlocking LEGO Fortnite's Vehicle Secrets

LEGO Fortnite's latest update, Mechanical Mayhem, unveiled vehicles, promising to streamline travel across vast terrains. Yet, it also introduced the complexity of short-lived batteries.
Get in, we're goin' for a drive 🚗
Get in, we're goin' for a drive 🚗 / Epic Games | LEGO Fortnite X

LEGO Fortnite recently rolled out vehicles with the introduction of Mechanical Mayhem. This update hailed as one of the most powerful and anticipated, promised to save players considerable time when traversing vast distances. However, it also introduced a relatively complex dynamic with short-lived batteries.

The importance of crafting biomass cannot be overstated. As we deplete batteries, we'll need new ones to keep our 100% eco-friendly vehicles running smoothly. We certainly don't want to be stranded halfway through our journey, forced to abandon our vehicle in search of the nearest "gas station."

Understanding the limits of our vehicle's battery life is crucial for planning journeys. We need to know how long they'll last and the distance they'll cover. Unfortunately, manual testing is currently the only way to determine this.

We've conducted various tests and found consistent results across the three types of vehicles available in LEGO Fortnite to date. Even with customized vehicles, once every piece is meticulously aligned for optimal performance.

On average, we can expect about 15 minutes of driving time. While this might not seem like much, it translates to covering approximately 5000 meters in a straight line. This means we can traverse vast distances, reaching other biomes that are 2500 meters away and return on the same battery.

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If our destination is more than 2500 meters away (for instance, if we've already marked another Town in a different biome), then carrying a spare battery is advisable. Thankfully, with just 25 bones, we can craft the 50 biomass needed for another battery, making it quite efficient.

The potential bottleneck might be radiantite, as it's not as abundant as sand. This could pose a long-term issue, requiring players to explore numerous caves in Dry Valley to maintain an adequate supply, especially now that more materials require its use.