Unlock the Thrilling Adventures of Midas in Fortnite's Latest Event

Finishing six missions grants access to the Cerberus Medallion graffiti, serving as a keepsake from the Underworld's entrance.

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Midas has made a daring escape from the Underworld, and now it's up to players to help him flee the island in a thrilling new Fortnite event. Packed with fresh missions, free items, and the return of the fan-favorite LTM, "The Floor is Lava," let's delve into the details of this patch, available until April 2nd.

The enigmatic Marigold caught wind of Midas's stint in the Underworld, where he managed a daring escape. Now, Midas suspects his partner Brutus of betrayal. Regardless of guilt, the rest of the crew is determined to aid Midas in reaching the "Marigold" yacht to escape Hades's wrath.

The event unfolds in five phases, each progressively available until April 2nd. Here's the breakdown of when you can expect each phase to drop:

1. The Rise of Miras - Available Now
2. Et tu, Brutus? - Unlocks on March 20th
3. Jules vs. the Golden Touch - Unlocks on March 25th
4. The Myth of Midas - Unlocks on March 27
5. The Great Heist on the Marigold Yacht - Unlocks on March 28th

Completing six missions unlocks the Cerberus Medallion graffiti, a memento from the gates of the Underworld. Completing 12 grants access to the Greed Rose Back Bling, a beautiful flower transformed by golden greed. And for those who conquer all 18 missions, the Golden Queen Glider awaits—a masterpiece in perfect gold.

"The Floor is Lava" makes its triumphant return to Fortnite during the Midas Ascension event, injecting some innovative twists. Unlike the classic mode, Midas introduces new elements, including items from Chapter 5 - Season 2 and golden lava.

Compete in the Solo Midas Ascension Cup on March 24th, where top performers in each region will snag the Ascended Midas outfit and the Golden King's Cape Back Bling before they hit the store shelves. Those earning at least eight points will receive the Midas Ascension Loading Screen with the 29.10 patch release.

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Players can participate in up to ten matches during the approximate three-hour window in their respective regions.

Ensure you meet all requirements, including enabling and verifying two-factor authentication on your Epic account and maintaining a level 15 or higher account. Restricted accounts are ineligible for participation.

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