Today's 5 Quick Fortnite News

Whether you're looking forward to new skins, major collaborations, or fixing in-game issues, there's something for everyone.
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3. What's Coming in v30.10?

JorgeMost provides a comprehensive look at what to expect in the v30.10 update:

  • Nick Eh 30 Icon Skin: A highly anticipated addition, Nick Eh 30's skin is set to drop soon, thrilling his fans.
  • New Fortnite Festival Season: Get ready for more music and fun with the new season.
  • Metallica Collaboration: Featuring 4 new Metallica skins, a Festival mini pass, and a Metallica-themed loot island.
  • New Item - Lightning Guitars: Rock out with this electrifying new item.
  • Metallica Concert: An epic in-game concert is on the horizon, though the date is still unknown.
  • Store Sections and API Additions: New skins, cosmetics, and store updates.
  • Return of Shield Breaker Grenades: Boogie Bombs are heading to the vault, making way for the return of these explosive favorites.
  • Nissan's Fairlady Z: Alongside the return of other popular vehicles.
  • Billie Eilish Leaving the Shop: Grab her skin while you still can!
  • End of Epic's Mega Sale: Last chance to snag those deals.
  • Return of Avatar Skins: Avatar fans, rejoice!

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