Today's 3 Quick Fortnite News

Anticipate further surprises and enhancements awaiting discovery in this forthcoming update!
You've seen his hand. Now the rest of the myth arrives!
You've seen his hand. Now the rest of the myth arrives! / Epic Games | Fortnite X
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3. Sneak Peek into v30.10 Update

Leaker Wenso on X has provided insights into what to expect in the upcoming Fortnite v30.10 update:

  • Metallica Collaboration
  • Introduction of a New Festival Pass
  • Addition of the New Mythic Guitar item
  • Arrival of a New Loot Island
  • Introduction of 4+ New Skins
  • Inclusion of Challenges with Free Rewards
  • Release of Nick Eh 30 Skin
  • Jam Tracks Available as Lobby Music
  • Addition of the Tow Hook Cannon
  • Introduction of the Minigun
  • Debut of the Combat Assault Rifle
  • Possible Addition of a New Sniper
  • Introduction of EMPs
  • Unveiling of Superstyles

These updates promise an exciting and action-packed experience for Fortnite players. With collaborations, new items, and additional rewards on the horizon, fans have much to look forward to in the ever-evolving world of Fortnite. Stay tuned for more updates as the v30.10 update rolls out!