The Absence of Live Events in Fortnite: Insights from Donald Mustard

Why aren't these impressive events happening right now? Donald Mustard, previously the Creative Director at Epic Games, recently offered some insights clarifying the lack of these events in a Game File interview.
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Since the launch of Chapter 5 in Fortnite, fans of the popular Battle Royale game have been eagerly awaiting more epic live events, which they used to receive regularly.

But why are these spectacular events currently missing? Donald Mustard, the former Creative Director of Epic Games, recently provided some insights explaining the absence of these events in an interview with Game File.

The Fortnite Metaverse Takes Center Stage

In the interview, Mustard explained that the main reason for the absence of live events is the significant restructuring of Epic Games' development strategy. He revealed that Epic Games is diverting resources to expand Fortnite into a multi-game metaverse, introducing not only the traditional Battle Royale experience but also new game modes like LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival.

Although this game expansion went live in December 2023, developing such an ambitious project requires resources in the form of personnel and time that were previously used to organize live events. Mustard elaborated:

"To develop all these things, you need a lot of people and a lot of time. Basically, the events team was needed for other things. And that was devastating to me because I thought, 'That's really the magic.' And not everyone at Epic agrees."

This revelation sheds light on Epic Games' internal workings and illustrates how the company's priorities have shifted over time. While fans may miss the grand live events, Epic Games' decision to focus on developing a comprehensive multi-game metaverse shows that the company remains committed to pushing the boundaries of the gaming world.

Looking to the Future

However, we hope that live events in the form of meteor impacts and robot battles do not remain absent permanently and that we will soon experience something in the Fortnite universe that once again surprises us and breaks records in the gaming world.

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