Planet of the Apes Invading Fortnite: What's the Buzz About?

It appears that there's another exciting collaboration in store, this time featuring Planet of the Apes.
Epic Games / Fortnite

Excitement is brewing within the Fortnite community as whispers of an upcoming collaboration spread following Lady Gaga's recent appearance in the game. This latest development comes shortly after Epic Games announced its partnership with Disney. Now, it seems that another thrilling crossover is on the horizon, this time involving Planet of the Apes.

The speculation gained traction when Nick Baker, a well-known Fortnite podcaster and insider, dropped a hint on Twitter regarding the potential collaboration. Baker's tweet referenced @iFireMonkey, another prominent Fortnite leaker, who also posted a cryptic message seemingly affirming the rumors.

All signs point to the introduction of new skins and additional content from the Planet of the Apes franchise into Fortnite. As anticipation mounts, fans are eagerly awaiting further details about what this collaboration may entail.

The timing of this potential crossover couldn't be more fitting, with the release of the film The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes scheduled for May 8, 2024. This alignment suggests that Epic Games may be gearing up to capitalize on the movie's release by bringing elements of the beloved franchise into the Fortnite universe.

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With the possibility of battling it out on the island as iconic characters from Planet of the Apes, the game's community is buzzing with anticipation for what's to come.

Stay tuned as Epic Games prepares to unveil the details of this eagerly awaited collaboration, promising fans an unforgettable experience that merges the worlds of Fortnite and Planet of the Apes like never before.