Nerfing Zeus' Lightning in Fortnite

Zeus' Lightning no longer inflicts harm on players when passing through structures.

Epic Games / Fortnite X

Epic Games recently rolled out a new update introducing fresh weapons and items, promising to inject new dynamics into the gameplay experience.

However, amidst the excitement of these additions, there's been a noticeable downside: the game's most potent weapon has been nerfed, sparking mixed reactions within the community.

Zeus' Lightning: A Game-Changing Weapon

At the beginning of the month, Epic Games introduced the Zeus' Lightning, touted as the most powerful weapon in Fortnite's arsenal. Yet, its arrival also ignited a fierce debate among players, with opinions sharply divided. In response, Epic has taken action to address concerns surrounding this formidable weapon, as detailed in the latest update, version 29.01: the Zeus' Lightning no longer deals damage to players through structures.

In simpler terms, if a player defends themselves with a wall, the lightning bolt will no longer harm them. Before this patch, the weapon not only demolished structures but also inflicted damage on players hiding behind them.

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With this adjustment, Epic Games aims to quell the debate surrounding the weapon's potency, although its impact remains formidable in game modes devoid of building structures.

While some changes may stir controversy, they underscore the studio's dedication to ensuring fair and enjoyable gameplay for all. Stay tuned for further updates as Fortnite ventures into new frontiers of excitement and adventure.

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