Midas Returns to Fortnite: Location and Escape Story Revealed

Midas makes a comeback to the game, presenting his event that includes missions and complimentary rewards.
Epic Games / Fortnite X

Midas has made a grand comeback in Fortnite, emerging on the island as an NPC after he escapes from the cell where Hades held him captive. With the release of Fortnite patch 29.01 on March 19, 2024, Midas reenters the game with his event featuring Missions and free rewards.

But there's more to his return; he also appears as an NPC offering specific services and serves to advance the storyline of Chapter 5 Season 2 of Fortnite.

Following the Fortnite content update, Midas can be found on the Marigold yacht located west of the island. He roams the upper deck of the yacht, making him easily locatable if approached from the air. As an NPC, he provides the following services: Healing and Drum Gun.

Since the beginning of the season, Midas has been held captive in a cell in the Underworld, though the reasons for Hades' imprisonment remain unclear. Before Fortnite patch 29.01, Midas' cell was securely locked, symbolizing his captivity since the season's start.

However, the cell is now open for visitation. Moreover, as part of a Mission divided into multiple phases of Midas' Rise, players must investigate the cell and deduce how he managed to escape.

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After uncovering the escape plan, players must inform Marigold. Midas' process unfolded as follows:

  • Midas was bound with shackles that suppressed his golden touch powers in both hands. However, a guard removed one of the shackles.
  • With his free hand, he turned the guards into gold.
  • Once again, using his free hand, he turned the other shackle into gold, softening it and freeing himself.
  • After breaking free, he turned the cell door into gold, allowing him to break it open and ultimately escape.

In Greek mythology, King Midas was the biological son of Zeus, which could explain his return to Fortnite to rebel against his father, the villain of this season. Zeus leads the Greek Gods and seeks to end mortals. Therefore, Midas could be a key player in thwarting Zeus' plan and aiding humans in defeating him.

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