Metallica Crossover in Fortnite: Everything You Need to Know!

Leaks had hinted at Metallica's return to Fortnite, and a promotional email has now confirmed exciting details about the upcoming content.
We asked, and you all delivered, filling our feeds with glorious #GagaFortography 📸💖
We asked, and you all delivered, filling our feeds with glorious #GagaFortography 📸💖 / Epic Games | Fortnite Festival X

Fortnite fans are no strangers to spectacular crossover events. Fortnite has truly done everything from iconic movie characters like Darth Vader and Indiana Jones to world-renowned artists like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Back in 2019, Fortnite shattered player records with the live Marshmello concert event, marking the first of many in-game gigs. Since then, the Icon Series has brought popular songs into the game as emotes, numerous artists have received their own skins, and more concerts have taken place on the Battle Royale island and in Creative Mode.

With the launch of its newest game mode, Fortnite Festival, Epic Games has taken music integration in Fortnite to the next level. This Guitar Hero-like mode allows players to purchase their favorite songs as Jam Tracks and play them on the Jam Stage any day of the week or even during a match.

Leaks had already suggested that Metallica would be making a return to Fortnite, but a promotional email has confirmed some exciting details about the upcoming content.

One of the band's most popular songs, "Master of Puppets," has already been added as an emote, but the upcoming collaboration promises to be much grander.

What to Expect from the Metallica Event

  • Concert featuring six popular songs: Metallica will perform six fan-favorite tracks live in-game.
  • Skins for James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert: Each band member will get their cosmetic skin and a LEGO variant.
  • "Thrash Mountain Rocket Racing" circuit: A new themed racing circuit will be introduced.
  • Metallica-themed Loot Island: A special island inspired by Metallica will be available.
  • Metallica Festival Pass: The festival season pass will include a wealth of Metallica content.

According to the promotional, the Metallica concert will feature six of the band's beloved songs. On top of that, each band member will have a unique skin and a LEGO variant. The collaboration will also introduce a new racing circuit called "Thrash Mountain Rocket Racing," a Metallica-themed Loot Island, and a Metallica Festival Pass loaded with exclusive content.

While the exact release date for this collaboration hasn't been confirmed, it's speculated to go live on June 11, coinciding with the next major update. In the meantime, players can sharpen their skills in Fortnite Festival by trying out all the free featured songs, available every time the Item Shop refreshes. Get ready for a headbanging good time in Fortnite!

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