Master the Force in Fortnite: Completing Luke's Quests

For those excited to take on these monumental challenges, here's the guide to mastering Luke and Chewbacca's quests in Fortnite.
Are you on the Light Side or the Dark Side?
Are you on the Light Side or the Dark Side? / Epic Games | Fortnite Web

The Force is with Fortnite once again as the Star Wars update brings an array of thrilling quests, themed around none other than Luke Skywalker and his loyal companion Chewbacca.

For those eager to embark on these epic challenges, here's how to conquer Luke and Chewbacca's quests in Fortnite.

Starting with the legendary Jedi himself, Luke Skywalker's quests embody the essence of endurance, precision, and rebellion against the Empire. Each completed challenge rewards players with a hefty 5,000 XP boost.

1. Eliminate a Stormtrooper and Collect Their E-11 Blaster Rifle (0/1)

This quest sends players to an Imperial Roadblock, cautioning against the one north of Lavish Lair due to the formidable presence of Darth Vader. After vanquishing a Stormtrooper, seize the Mythic item they drop to advance.

2. Travel Distance Away from Where You Start the Match (0/1,300)

Merely wandering won't suffice; players must cover 1,300 meters in a single direction without doubling back. Opting for a vehicle is advisable to expedite this challenge.

3. Place in the Top 10 Players Remaining in Different Matches (0/3)

This requires a blend of caution and cunning. Choosing an Imperial Roadblock for a discreet landing yields plentiful loot and minimizes early confrontations. Utilize Forecast Towers to anticipate the storm's trajectory, establishing a fortified position to weather the storm and secure a top-ten finish, repeating this feat thrice.

4. Hit Players from 50 Meters or More (0/20)

Lastly, this necessitates sharpshooting skills. Equipping a sniper rifle, stalk adversaries from a distance, capitalizing on third-party opportunities to land precise shots and accumulate the requisite 20 hits.

With Luke's trials conquered, attention turns to his trusty companion, Chewbacca, and the challenges he presents. Stay tuned for an exploration of Chewbacca's quests, as the saga continues in Fortnite. May the Force be with you on your journey through the galaxy far, far away.

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