Loki Returns to Fortnite: A Marvel-ous Collaboration

Lately, we've provided information on the leaked Fortnite skins schedule obtained through the store's API, offering details on numerous eagerly awaited new inclusions.
"Your savior is here!"
"Your savior is here!" / Epic Games | Fortnite Facebook

Recently, we shared insights into the leaked Fortnite skins calendar via the store's API, shedding light on many anticipated additions.

However, one entry stands out among the rest: Loki. Indeed, the beloved yet mischievous character from the Marvel cinematic saga and original comics is poised to make his mark in the Fortnite universe sooner rather than later.

Loki's return comes with a twist, as he will debut in a new skin. While he's made appearances in Epic Games' shooter before, this iteration showcases him in a fresh light. Thanks to HYPEX, a renowned Fortnite leaker, we've caught a glimpse of this new skin, though they weren't the sole source. What's intriguing is that his new look draws inspiration from the Disney Plus series, diverging from the traditional Marvel movie and comic book designs.

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While the skin's departure from the classic Marvel aesthetic might surprise some, it's unmistakably influenced by Tom Hiddleston's portrayal. The nods to the actor are evident, with the cosmetic bearing a striking resemblance to his on-screen persona. Though not a replica, the similarities between Fortnite's rendition and the renowned actor are hard to miss.

If predictions from HYPEX hold, Loki's arrival is slated for May 17th, 18th, or 19th, alongside Sylvie. As fans eagerly anticipate this Marvel crossover, speculation abounds regarding potential in-game events or challenges tied to Loki's debut. Whether players align with his mischievous nature or seek to thwart his schemes, Loki's presence in Fortnite promises to add an exciting new dimension to the gameplay experience.