LEGO Tycoon: Tilted Towers!

Building on the recent introduction of new LEGO Islands in Fortnite, players now have another exciting adventure to explore.
Lars Lego Style
Lars Lego Style / Epic Games/

A new island-based experience is now available for all to play within Fortnite, thanks to the arrival of LEGO Tycoon: Tilted Towers. Building on the recent introduction of new LEGO Islands in Fortnite, players now have another exciting adventure to explore.

Today, the LEGO Group has unveiled a brand-new experience within Fortnite, along with announcements of additional updates on the horizon.

LEGO has launched an all-new experience within Fortnite and revealed details of even more updates to come. LEGO Tycoon: Tilted Towers is available now and allows gamers to create, strategize, and defend in a new version of the popular Fortnite Battle Royale location.

After being demolished several times, players must reconstruct the iconic Tilted Towers from scratch using LEGO pieces. They’ll be required to harvest various resources, construct buildings, complete all kinds of missions, and build profitable businesses.

If that doesn't already pique your gaming interest, LEGO Tycoon also features zombie invasions, flash floods, and additional disasters to push your skills to the limit. By completing challenges in LEGO Tycoon: Tilted Towers, players can earn studs, which can be used to buy a variety of building items.

Challenges include The Lemonade Stand, The Pizza Shop, Saloon, and the Rocket Silo, earning such rewards as multipliers, bonuses, and hidden secrets. In addition to the LEGO Tycoon content, updates for the LEGO Battle Arena will be available starting June 27, introducing a new ice arena along with Freeze and Mega Spinkitsu, pickups like Extra Health, official ranks, and new achievements.

“The latest LEGO Islands in Fortnite mark the next exciting chapter in our partnership with Epic Games,” said Kari Vinther Nielsen, Head of Play & Creator Growth at LEGO GAME. “Together, we’re developing fun and safe digital spaces for players of all ages. We hope that LEGO Tycoon: Tilted Towers and LEGO Battle Arena delight our players by encouraging creativity and delivering an authentic Fortnite experience within an iconic LEGO setting.”

So gear up, get ready to build, and dive into the chaos and creativity of LEGO Tycoon: Tilted Towers. It's an adventure you won't want to miss! Is Fortnite's Metallica Concert the Event of . Fortnite's Region Lock Removal Shakes Up Comp. News. Fortnite: Metallica Cup Offers Exclusive Emot