LEGO Fortnite Unveils New Difficulty Modes for Ultimate Customization

Epic Games spices up LEGO Fortnite with Patch 30.10, letting players tailor their challenges with new difficulty modes.
Epic Games enhances LEGO Fortnite with Patch 30.10, introducing new difficulty modes for customizable gameplay.
Epic Games enhances LEGO Fortnite with Patch 30.10, introducing new difficulty modes for customizable gameplay. / Epic Games | Fortnite Facebook

Epic Games' commitment to expanding the LEGO Fortnite experience remains steadfast with the introduction of Patch 30.10. This latest update brings forth new difficulty modes, adding layers of customization to the building and survival gameplay.

LEGO Fortnite, initially introduced during Chapter 5 of Fortnite, continues to evolve with Epic Games' dedication to enriching its content. With Patch 30.10, players now have access to two new difficulty modes: Relax and Extreme. Let's delve into the details of these exciting additions:

In an announcement on the game's official website, Epic Games unveiled the Relax and Extreme modes for LEGO Fortnite. These modes will be available starting Thursday, June 13, 2024, with the 30.10 content update. As the names suggest, these difficulty modes offer players the opportunity to tailor their gaming experience to be either more relaxed or intensely challenging. Players can select these difficulty modes when creating new worlds.

The addition of these modes underscores Epic's commitment to ensuring that players of all skill levels feel at home in the LEGO Fortnite universe. It provides an avenue for players to further customize their gameplay, whether they seek simplicity or complexity.

In essence, the Relax mode combines elements of Survival and Creative modes, offering a plethora of customizable options to streamline the gaming experience. Some of the default settings that players can modify in Relax mode include:

  • Enemies: Enabled
  • Enemy Difficulty (new setting): Easy
  • Storm Enemies (new setting): Disabled
  • Hunger: Disabled
  • Temperature: Disabled
  • Energy: Disabled
  • Player Elimination: Respawn
  • Inventory Loss: Disabled
  • Friendly Creatures: Enabled
  • Friendly Fire: Disabled
  • Villagers: Enabled
  • Energy System: Disabled
  • Permanent Village Animal Removal: Disabled

With these preset adjustments, Relax mode transforms the gameplay into a leisurely stroll, ideal for players who wish to enjoy LEGO Fortnite at their own pace without worrying about hunger, temperature, or other survival elements. It caters to both novice players and those seeking a laid-back gaming experience.

On the flip side, Extreme mode offers the ultimate challenge for players who find the standard Survival mode lacking in difficulty. In Extreme mode, a new variant of storm enemies is introduced, amplifying the danger and intensity of encounters. These storm enemies boast enhanced strength, increased health, and heightened agility, posing a significant threat to players. Some examples of storm enemies include:

  • Storm Mecha-Crab
  • Bone Wolf Stormer
  • Brutosaur Stormer
  • Ice Brutosaur Stormer
  • Ice Giraffe-Crab Stormer
  • Ice Scorpion Stormer
  • Ice Wolf Stormer
  • Hermit Crab Stormer
  • Sand Brutosaur Stormer
  • Sand Giraffe-Crab Stormer
  • Sand Scorpion Stormer
  • Sand Spider Stormer
  • Sand Wolf Stormer
  • Scorpion Stormer
  • Rascal Stormers
  • Spider Stormer
  • Stone Giraffe-Crab Stormer
  • Wild Wolf Stormer

The names may vary in the final version, as the analyzed report is in Spanish.

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Moreover, in Extreme mode, enemies are inherently stronger, and player eliminations are permanent. This means that without items like the Respawn Totem or Immortality Totem, players risk losing their created world permanently—a mechanic reminiscent of Minecraft's Hardcore mode. The Respawn Totem, a new item crafted using Storm Cores obtained by defeating storm enemies, allows players to revive at their bed with their inventory intact upon death.

The default settings of Extreme mode are intentionally locked to maximize the challenge:

  • Enemies: Enabled (cannot be changed)
  • Enemy Difficulty (new setting): Hard (cannot be changed)
  • Storm Enemies (new setting): Enabled (cannot be changed)
  • Hunger: Enabled (cannot be changed)
  • Temperature: Enabled (cannot be changed)
  • Energy: Enabled (cannot be changed)
  • Player Elimination: Permanent (cannot be changed)
  • Inventory Loss: Enabled (cannot be changed)
  • Friendly Creatures: Enabled (cannot be changed)
  • Friendly Fire: Disabled (can be changed)
  • Villagers: Enabled (cannot be changed)
  • Energy System: Enabled (cannot be changed)
  • Permanent Village Animal Removal: Enabled (cannot be changed)

Furthermore, players can unlock in-game Trophies by accomplishing various challenges in Extreme mode, serving as a testament to their prowess:

  • Meadows Trophy: Unlocked by defeating a Storm Brutosaur in the Meadows and interacting with a Level 10 Meadows Village.
  • Dry Valley Trophy: Unlocked by defeating a Sand Brutosaur Stormer in the Dry Valley and interacting with a Level 10 Dry Valley Village.
  • Frosty Lands Trophy: Unlocked by defeating an Ice Brutosaur Stormer in the Frosty Lands and interacting with a Level 10 Frosty Lands Village.

In summary, the introduction of Relax and Extreme modes in LEGO Fortnite caters to a diverse player base, offering increased options for customizing the challenge level in Survival mode. Whether players are novices looking for a casual experience or veterans seeking an intense test of skill, these new modes ensure that every player finds their perfect fit in the LEGO Fortnite universe.