LEGO Fortnite Bids Farewell to AFK Timer!

The impact of the 29.10 update on LEGO Fortnite is noticeable, and it includes various fixes, notably resolving the infamous AFK experience bug.

Strength in numbers. Ask your friends to join you!
Strength in numbers. Ask your friends to join you! / Epic Games | LEGO Fortnite X

The buzz surrounding the 29.10 update of LEGO Fortnite is palpable, and it's not just because of the groundbreaking addition of crafting vehicles. This patch also brought along a slew of fixes, including the resolution of the notorious AFK experience bug. Yet, for many players, this fix dealt a heavy blow.

The concern now looms large for players seeking biomass for batteries. But for many others, the worry extends to losing the ease of leveling up and unlocking all the skins in this season, Myths and Mortals. It's become the bug fix nobody asked for.

Since its launch last December, LEGO Fortnite has been a prime source of experience. Not due to its missions, which took their time to arrive and didn't add much to the game. Instead, it was akin to creative islands, where massive amounts of XP could be earned by doing absolutely nothing—simply being AFK for hours while engaging in other activities, like playing another game or watching a movie.

Of course, this experience was relatively limited. Similar to creative islands, there was a daily cap on levels, and surpassing it resulted in drastically reduced XP gains from simply playing. But now, the game detects AFK players and promptly boots them from the match after a certain period.

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Hitting Level 200 in the Battle Pass is now a challenge for many. While AFK experience had to be supplemented with considerable playtime during the season and completing battle royale missions, it provided a significant boost that made reaching the required level for all rewards a breeze.

Epic Games has finally put an end to a bug that has lingered for months. It's a move that makes sense from their perspective; after all, nobody wants a game that's played without actually being played. So now, a minimum level of activity and engagement is required to enjoy the LEGO Fortnite experience points.