LEGO Explains Why They Chose to Partner with Fortnite

Kari Vinther Nielsen, LEGO Game's Director of Game and Creator Growth, discussed these insights with Games Industry.
Thy wisdom is extremely apeeling 🍌
Thy wisdom is extremely apeeling 🍌 / Epic Games | LEGO Fortnite X

The collaboration between LEGO and Fortnite has been nothing short of epic. It brings to mind past crossover events like the arrival of Lady Gaga and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Fortnite remains one of the top games ever released. With recent crossovers like Billie Eilish and the new Star Wars event, the LEGO Fortnite collaboration is poised to be a groundbreaking experience. This unique venture combines the action-packed gameplay of Battle Royale with the boundless creativity of LEGO, drawing millions of players each month.

The foundation of this collaboration lies in the shared vision of Epic Games and LEGO for innovation and creativity. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, they aim to deliver an ever-evolving and exciting experience for players. Kari Vinther Nielsen, Director of Game and Creator Growth at LEGO Game, shared these insights with Games Industry.

“We’re excited to see what creators will do with [the LEGO UEFN tools] because they will come up with ideas that we hadn’t even considered ourselves,” she says. “When we look at our communities, they are incredible at leveraging both their creativity and the in-game systems to generate infinite possibilities. That's what I hope to see—things that we never expected. The goal here is to truly learn and evolve what we do within Fortnite.” Free Fortnite Swag from Epic Games Store!. News. Fortnite and Fallout Collaboration Confirmed . Fortnite's Apocalypse: Unveiling Chapter 5 Se

This partnership promises to continue surprising players with new ways to play and create within the Fortnite universe. The integration of LEGO’s imaginative tools with Fortnite’s dynamic gameplay opens up endless opportunities for players to explore and innovate.