Introducing the Triple-Beam Laser Rifle in Fortnite

The newest feature in the battle royale is the Triple-Beam Laser Rifle, a legendary weapon that made its debut in the Broken Steel DLC of Fallout 3.
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Epic Games continues its collaboration with Bethesda's Fallout series in the current season of Fortnite.

The latest addition to the battle royale is the Triple-Beam Laser Rifle, an iconic weapon first introduced in the Broken Steel DLC of Fallout 3. Here’s everything you need to know about this new weapon in Fortnite, including how to get your hands on it:

How to Obtain It

The Triple-Beam Laser Rifle became available in Fortnite on June 4, 2024, and will remain in the game until August 16, 2024, the end of the current season. This weapon is relatively easy to find and doesn’t require any special quests. It can be found randomly across the island, either on the ground or in chests.

Additionally, you might come across it in supply drops (the blue crates with yellow balloons that appear randomly as matches progress) and by destroying supply drones.

Attributes of the Triple-Beam Laser Rifle

  • Damage: 39
  • Headshot Damage: 59
  • Fire Rate: 3
  • Reload Time: 2 seconds
  • Magazine Size: 1,000,000

The "magazine size" is a playful reference indicating that the weapon has infinite ammo. However, players need to manage the rifle's heat to avoid overheating by not firing too rapidly.

Is the Triple-Beam Laser Rifle a Good Weapon?

The Triple-Beam Laser Rifle doesn’t drastically alter the game’s balance. Its primary strength is its infinite ammo, making it a reliable weapon in critical moments, especially in the early stages of the game when ammo is scarce.

The rifle deals decent damage and can be used to eliminate a single enemy quickly by ignoring the overheating mechanism and firing continuously for a few seconds. However, due to the risk of overheating, it is not recommended for large-scale firefights where you face multiple opponents, as you will be left defenseless while it cools down.

Overall, the Triple-Beam Laser Rifle is a fun and effective addition to Fortnite, fitting seamlessly into the game's dynamic while offering players a taste of Fallout’s iconic weaponry. Make sure to give it a try before the season ends! How to Counter Boogie Bombs in Fortnite. News. 4 Quick Fortnite Updates Today. Proximity Voice Chat.