How to Tame Animals in LEGO Fortnite: A Comprehensive Guide

For those excited to explore this fresh addition, here's a detailed walkthrough on how to tame animals in LEGO Fortnite and create your own personal collection of creatures.
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Building the Barn

Navigate to the Build Menu (accessible via Circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox) and locate the Utility Menu. Here, assemble the Barn using:

  • 10 Planks

Taming Process

Now comes the thrilling part - taming the creatures. Venture into the wild and encounter an animal. Interact with it by either petting or feeding it (Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox). Continuously nurture the animal’s trust by repeating these actions.

Animal Treat Preparation

To solidify your bond with the creature, craft an Animal Treat on a Grill at your Village using:

  • 5 Vines
  • 3 Corn

Befriending Your Companion

Once the animal’s trust meter is sufficiently high, offer it an Animal Treat within a limited timeframe. Swiftly transport your newfound friend back to your Village using a vehicle or fishing rod before interacting with the Barn and assigning the animal to your farm.

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