How to Obtain and Master Melee Weapons in Fortnite

These challenges involves opening the Light Chakra, which presents a distinctive task: striking four adversaries with a melee weapon.
Her era is not over yet.
Her era is not over yet. / Epic Games | Fortnite X

The Fortnite x Avatar: The Last Airbender collaboration enters its final phase, and players are on the brink of unlocking the coveted Appa glider. With the Light & Sound Chakra Quests now available, completing the Elements Pass is within reach.

Among these quests, opening the Light Chakra poses a unique challenge: hitting four opponents with a melee weapon. Here's everything players need to know to conquer this task and soar with Appa.

In the diverse arsenal of Fortnite weaponry, melee options have been sporadically introduced, ranging from iconic crossover items like Lightsabers to the trusty pickaxe. While guns dominate the battlefield, the pickaxe serves as a reliable melee weapon, often overlooked until necessity dictates its use.

To fulfill the Light Chakra Quest, players must land blows on four opponents using a melee weapon. While future events may reintroduce Lightsabers as melee options, currently, the pickaxe remains the sole means of completing this challenge.

Notably, the quest parameters do not stipulate that opponents must be enemy players, allowing flexibility in approach. Players can engage hostile entities such as Olympian Bosses, their minions, or guardians at Vaults or Forecast Towers. One efficient method involves summoning a Boss at their altar and dispatching four minions with the trusty pickaxe. Fortnite Crew May 2024: Meet Spirit Hunter Sa. LEGO Fortnite Unveils New Chewbacca Skin. Recent News. NBA Collaboration Coming to Fortnite

Alternatively, players can opt to target knocked opponents to fulfill the quest. However, this method necessitates locating and incapacitating four adversaries beforehand, elongating the completion process.

The Fortnite x Avatar: The Last Airbender collaboration draws to a close, mastering the Light Chakra Quest is the final step towards securing the Appa glider. Armed with the pickaxe and strategic prowess, players can navigate this challenge and bask in the glory of their triumphant completion.