How to Fast-Track Fortnite's Avatar Missions!

One standout feature of Fortnite is the introduction of missions designed to unlock Korra and various rewards inspired by the Avatar universe.

Awaken your waterbending abilities.
Awaken your waterbending abilities. / Epic Games | Fortnite X

Amidst all the buzz, one of the most notable additions of Fortnite is the inclusion of missions to unlock Korra and other rewards from the Avatar universe.

According to JorgeMost, there is a clever tactic that promises to expedite the completion of the mission that requires players to hire 20 characters or revive 20 teammates. While it's not necessary to complete this challenge in a single match, JorgeMost's idea streamlines the process significantly, requiring just over 10 seconds and a mere 4,750 gold bars.

In the video shared by Jorge, players simply need to hire one of the NPC. After paying for their services and adding the "mercenary" to their squad, they promptly dismiss and rehire them. Each time the NPC is re-added to the squad, it counts towards the mission progress, but players are only charged for their services the first time.

This method saves players valuable time and resources, eliminating one of the more tedious missions. Since most players don't typically hire NPCs to accompany them during matches, this shortcut offers a welcome solution. By repeating this process a sufficient number of times, players can swiftly complete the challenge and move on to the next task, bypassing this step almost entirely.

With creative strategies like these surfacing within the Fortnite community, players can navigate challenges more efficiently, maximize their enjoyment of the game and adventurers can look forward to uncovering more hidden gems and unlocking exciting rewards along the way.

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