How to Dominate Lego Fortnite's Star Wars Update!

Amidst the myriad of wonders waiting to be unearthed lies the coveted Plastoid, a flexible substance crucial for crafting and construction within this thrilling crossover.
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Unveiling Star Wars Adventure in Lego Fortnite

The latest Star Wars permanent content update for Lego Fortnite brings a galaxy of new adventures, materials, and items to explore. Among the treasures awaiting discovery is the highly sought-after Plastoid, a versatile material essential for crafting and building in this exciting crossover event.

Acquiring Plastoid

Plastoid stands as the cornerstone of construction and creation in the Lego Fortnite Star Wars update. Swift acquisition of this vital resource is key to unlocking your full crafting potential. There are two primary methods to obtain Plastoid materials within the game.

Firstly, adventurers can scour the crossover island, dismantling various ships and building components reminiscent of the Star Wars universe. Keep an eye out for structures bearing a distinct Star Wars aesthetic, as these often yield valuable Plastoid when disassembled.

Alternatively, intrepid players can engage and defeat Stormtroopers roaming the world. Curiously, these imperial foes frequently carry Plastoid on their person. Dispatching them in battle grants access to their stores of this precious material, ripe for the taking.

Constructing a Rebel Workbench

With Plastoid secured in your inventory, it's time to unleash your creativity by constructing essential crafting stations. The Rebel Workbench reigns supreme as a cornerstone for crafting Rebel and Imperial gear alike. To assemble this invaluable workstation, gather the following materials:

  • 5 Wood: Harvested from trees or found in branches strewn across the landscape.
  • 8 Plastoid: The coveted material obtained through diligent exploration and combat prowess. LEGO Fortnite's Makeover: From 'Dead Game' to. News. Crafting New Experiences with 'Survivors' Mod. Fortnite's Star Wars Celebration: May the 4th

The Rebel Workbench serves as a nexus of invention, allowing players to fashion various weaponry and equipment using Plastoid and other resources. From blasters to explosives, the possibilities are as vast as the galaxy itself.

Embark on your journey through the Lego Fortnite Star Wars crossover, where every discovery and creation brings you closer to becoming a true master of the Force.