How to Counter Boogie Bombs in Fortnite

Gamers have initiated the use of Boogie Bombs against drivers, compelling them to exit their vehicles and engage in impromptu dance sequences.
Your new party buddy.
Your new party buddy. / Epic Games | Fortnite Facebook

Epic Games introduced the Boogie Bomb in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 2, a peculiar grenade that forces players caught in its blast to dance uncontrollably.

Those affected lose control of their character for a few seconds, unable to use weapons, build, or even crouch during the dancing animation.

Since its introduction, the Boogie Bomb has been vaulted and unvaulted several times. It resurfaced in Chapter 5 Season 3 to counter the powerful vehicles dominating the game. Players have started using Boogie Bombs on drivers, forcing them out of their cars and into unexpected dance routines.

How to Cancel Boogie Bombs in Fortnite

There are a few strategies to counter the community’s new reliance on the Boogie Bomb. The most effective way to counter a Boogie Bomb’s effect is by using the Underworld Dash ability.

While the Underworld Dash won’t stop the dancing animation, it will move affected players out of the line of fire. The bombs disable sprinting and regular dodging, so dashing is crucial.

Players can obtain the dash by visiting Chapter 5’s Underworld section and stepping into its green waters. This unlocks three dash moves, providing a burst of speed when activated.

The only other way to end the Boogie Bomb animation early is by taking damage. Players caught dancing should be ready to retaliate as soon as they are hit, turning the tide of battle quickly. This method isn’t as reliable as the Underworld Dash, but it can work in a pinch.

Final Tips

That’s all you need to know about canceling Fortnite’s Boogie Bombs. To further dominate Chapter 5 Season 3, check out our guide on Mythic Nitro cars and how to hijack the War Bus.

By mastering these techniques, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the chaos that Boogie Bombs bring to the battlefield. Stay agile, stay prepared, and you’ll dance your way to victory! Get Ready for Metallica to Rock Fortnite's Fe. 'The Boys' Set to Join Fortnite. Lobby Music Upgrade Leaked!. News