Fortnite Welcomes the Highly Anticipated Hades Chains

The Hades Chains are expected to be pivotal in Midas' Rise quests and are anticipated to maintain their importance throughout the season.

Epic Games / Fortnite X

After a brief wait, Fortnite welcomed the highly anticipated Hades Chains, one of the new mythical weapons in Chapter 5 - Season 2. These had been kept under wraps until the long-awaited return of Midas, who had escaped from the depths of the Underworld.

The latest update puts Hades and Midas in the spotlight, intertwining their stories with the release of new missions to propel Battle Pass progress. The Hades Chains will play a crucial role in Midas' Rise missions and are likely to remain essential throughout the season.

Despite all the hype, the Hades Chains are far from as overpowered as anticipated. While they do attract enemies, they don't latch onto them like previous items, requiring 3 or 4 hits to draw an enemy closer. However, each hit inflicts minimal damage, making prolonged engagement risky.

Among the new Fortnite missions are 'Deal Damage to Players with Hades Chains' and 'Attack an Olympic Boss with Hades Chains.' Thus, acquiring them early on will provide an advantage in matches and in completing these tasks.

The Hades Chains can be found on the ground or in chests. However, relying on luck may not be the best strategy unless there's no rush and you're willing to wait for the missions to align. Otherwise, the quickest solution is to defeat Hades.

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To do this, as many of you may already know, you'll need to venture into the Underworld and summon him. His bots will come to his defense, and you'll have to defeat all seven. Be cautious, as these bots are often deadlier than real players.

Afterward, Hades himself will confront you, a pivotal moment where you must stay vigilant against lurking players waiting to capitalize on your weakened state and claim the loot of the Underworld God for themselves.

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