Fortnite Unleashes LEGO Cars!

At last, LEGO mode is introducing practical vehicles that signal the end of the struggle with affixing wheels to a moving base
We’re going somewhere with this 🚗
We’re going somewhere with this 🚗 / Epic Games / LEGO Fortnite X

The recent Fortnite patch v29.10 has become one of the most highly anticipated updates of the year since last weekend.

Finally, we're getting cars in LEGO mode—functional vehicles to bid farewell to the nightmare of attaching wheels to a dynamic foundation.

Epic Games teased with boat navigation for LEGO Fortnite, so it's only natural that cars are making their debut now. It all began with the concept of eliminating the steering wheel, as short-term plans didn't include vehicle controls. However, a couple of months have passed since then. What started with an improved wheel, anchoring securely to a base without risk of breakage when rolling over obstacles, has now become the first official LEGO Fortnite car.

Amidst these announcements, there's also news of steering wheel seats for our cars. This fulfills the desires of millions of players worldwide who have struggled with clunky controls that could drive anyone mad.

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Now, we await the update's arrival in a few hours, scheduled for Tuesday, March 26th morning. This official patch date was confirmed through tweets, alleviating fears of a possible delay until Wednesday or Thursday.

What will these LEGO Fortnite cars be like? Will they require fuel? What speeds will they reach? Will they withstand collisions with elements or targets? The element of surprise will keep us on the edge of our seats, playing with our hype until we can finally hop into a car and bid adieu to trekking endless kilometers between biomes when luck isn't on our side.

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