Fortnite's Update: Proximity Voice Chat

This latest addition is expected to cause disorder upon its introduction to the battle royale, triggering a surge of criticism on social platforms whenever it's mentioned.
Epic Games
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Fortnite is forging ahead with one of its most controversial updates for 2024: proximity voice chat.

This new feature promises to sow chaos once it arrives in the battle royale, sparking a wave of negativity on social media whenever news of it surfaces. Fortunately for dissenting voices, its development has been delayed, offering a reprieve during Chapter 5 - Season 3.

However, signs point to its eventual arrival later this year, potentially making an appearance in Chapter 5 once we bid farewell to the Frenzy and the frenzy of upgraded cars. By then, we'll also have witnessed the much-anticipated collaboration launching in just a few days, heralding Metallica's debut in the new Festival season.

Fortnite's future is uncertain yet promising. Despite contentious decisions regarding a feature that few seem to have requested, and one that's already integrated into other titles, the game's trajectory remains optimistic. Proximity voice chat not only complicates communication with teammates but also requires vigilance as nearby opponents might overhear.

Just weeks ago, it seemed imminent, likely arriving sometime during the current season or over the summer. However, Epic Games has postponed its implementation, now slated for the final quarter of the year as outlined in the roadmap.

While the delay offers temporary relief for those skeptical of the feature, it also extends the anticipation, leaving players wondering how proximity voice chat will reshape the Fortnite experience when it finally arrives.

Until then, we'll continue navigating the battlefield with the tools at hand, eagerly awaiting what the future holds for our favorite battle royale game. Lobby Music Upgrade Leaked!. News. 'The Boys' Set to Join Fortnite. How to Counter Boogie Bombs in Fortnite