Fortnite’s SHOCKING New Mythic!

This mobility item lets players zap around the map and slam enemies from the air, adding a thrilling dynamic to the game.
Slurp Blaster Guitar
Slurp Blaster Guitar / Epic Games/

Fortnite's 30.10 update in Chapter 5, Season 3 has introduced an electrifying new mythic item: Ride the Lightning. This mobility item lets players zap around the map and slam enemies from the air, adding a thrilling dynamic to the game. Similar to the Wings of Icarus from the Myths and Mortals season, this item promises to change how players engage in battles.

Where to Find Ride the Lightning

The Ride the Lightning mythic can be found scattered across the map. However, its rarity means getting your hands on one might be a challenge, with many players competing for it. For those who manage to grab it, it offers a significant advantage in mobility and combat.

Even if you can’t find one yourself, there's a clever trick to use someone else’s Ride the Lightning power. A Reddit thread revealed that interacting with a trail shaped like the letter “M” left by another player’s use of the item allows you to temporarily harness its power.

This can be a game-changer in tight situations, especially in the final circles or chaotic battles. Just be cautious—reaching these trails might be tricky depending on the circle's location.

Community Reactions

The introduction of Ride the Lightning has split the Fortnite community. Some players find the item "obnoxious," comparing it to the Airbending mechanic from a previous chapter. Others praise it as "creative" and "the best mythic ever." Regardless of opinions, its impact on gameplay is undeniable, promising more intense and unpredictable matches.

To secure the Ride the Lightning guitar, you can find it at various locations:

  1. Inside Lavish Lair
  2. On top of the stage at Restored Reels
  3. In front of the water fountain at Reckless Railways
  4. Towards the back side of the Grand Glacier hotel
  5. At the north side of the Nitrodome arena
  6. At the Scrying Pool at Mount Olympus
  7. North of Redline Rig at the Cliffside Lodge
  8. At the front entrance of Brutal Beachhead

Additionally, the guitar can be found as ground loot, in chests, or from defeated enemies. The Metallica Loot Island is also a prime spot for finding this mythic item.

With Ride the Lightning now in the mix, expect Fortnite’s Battle Royale to become even more electrifying and chaotic. Grab your guitar, zap your foes, and rock your way to victory!

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