Fortnite's Reboot Rally: Unite, Conquer, and Score Epic Rewards in April 2024

Reboot Rally isn't merely an event; it presents a golden opportunity for experienced players to reconnect with friends who may have temporarily stepped away from the game.

reboot rally is SO BACK!
reboot rally is SO BACK! / Epic Games | Fortnite X

Gear up for an epic adventure as Fortnite unveils its latest event: the Reboot Rally, set to ignite the gaming scene this April 2024! Get ready to join forces with old pals or make new alliances as you dive into the action-packed world of Fortnite.

The Fortnite Reboot Rally isn't just any event; it's a chance for seasoned players to reconnect with friends who may have taken a hiatus from the game. If your buddy has clocked less than 2 hours of gameplay in the 30 days leading up to April 2nd, 2024, they're eligible to jump back in as a returning or new player.

But fear not, even if you've surpassed the 2-hour mark, there's still a role for you to play. You'll be on standby, ready to guide and support your friends as they rediscover the joys of Fortnite. Keep an eye out for the "Reboot" icon next to their names in your friend list to identify eligible pals.

Once you've rounded up your squad, it's time to embark on a series of quests together. Each completed task earns you valuable points, which unlock a treasure trove of rewards:

  • Rack up 50 Points to claim the Forsaken Eye.
  • Reach 100 Points and unleash the Hailstorm Rider.
  • Aim for 200 Points to wield the coveted Reckoner's Blades.

But don't dilly-dally; you've got until May 3rd to conquer all the quests and secure your loot. And remember, teamwork makes the dream work. To get in on the action, simply follow these steps:

  • Sign in using your Epic Games account on the Reboot Rally page.
  • Invite friends to join the Fortnite fray through the provided link.
  • Embark on tasks together and reap the rewards as a united front.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran, a returning champion, or a fresh-faced recruit, the Friends tab in the lobby sidebar is your gateway to the Reactivation Round. So rally your troops, sharpen your skills, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable Fortnite journey!

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