Fortnite's Peely Quest: Uncover the Hidden Treasures

Epic Games

In Fortnite's current Season 1 of Chapter 5, the latest patch has unveiled two hidden elements that grant experience when discovered: sensors and Peely Wanted posters. These additions add depth to the gameplay, encouraging players to explore the map thoroughly.

So, what exactly are these Peely Wanted posters and sensors in Fortnite? They're clandestine items scattered across various zones of the map. These objects serve as markers that players must interact with to unveil Peely Wanted posters and search sensors, aiding in the quest to locate Peely, who was kidnapped at the season's outset.

To deploy either the poster or sensor, players must approach the silhouette and hold down the interact button/key for a couple of seconds. When in proximity, a white diamond-shaped icon with an exclamation mark indicates the precise location of a scanner or poster.

By locating and activating all these items, players can accumulate a total of 165,000 XP, equivalent to slightly over two levels (each level requiring 80,000 XP).

In summary, the addition of Peely Wanted posters and sensors adds an exciting dimension to Fortnite's Season 1 gameplay, offering rewards for exploration and enhancing the overall experience for players seeking to unravel the mysteries of the game's latest chapter.

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Best of luck to all players in their quest to uncover every last Peely Wanted poster and sensor scattered throughout the Fortnite map. Happy hunting!