Fortnite's New Initiative: Empowering Young Creators

While plenty enjoy gaming and posting content on social platforms, a considerable number of these youths immerse themselves in creative pursuits on these free-to-play platforms.
Here we go. The Big Bang event will have one more showing at 11pm ET tonight.
Here we go. The Big Bang event will have one more showing at 11pm ET tonight. / Epic Games | Fortnite X

Games like Fortnite and Roblox boast vibrant communities of young players. While many enjoy gaming and sharing content on social media, a significant portion of these youngsters delve into the world of creation within these free-to-play platforms.

Fortnite's Creative mode, in particular, has seen a surge of young players crafting intricate maps and gameplay experiences, with aspirations of monetizing their creations in the future. This trend has prompted Epic Games to announce forthcoming changes to the creation system, aimed at enabling younger players to earn money through their endeavors.

This development follows a controversy, often overlooked, involving Roblox Corporation. Dubbed "Minecraft for kids," Roblox has carved out a substantial niche in the gaming market but has also faced criticism for encouraging minors to create content with the promise of future financial gains.

Now, the spotlight shifts to Tim Sweeney's company, owners of another beloved game among the younger demographic. Saxs Persson, Executive Vice President at Epic Games, acknowledged that currently, only those over 18 can earn money from their Fortnite creations. However, Persson emphasized the need to lower this age barrier, stating, "We should bring that age down." He envisions a future where minors are compensated for their creative contributions, likening it to professional work.

The goal is to model LEGO Fortnite after a youth employment framework. Given the significance of this collaboration in the market and the vast number of children in LEGO Island, Persson believes there are creators eager to express themselves but are hindered by existing rules. Epic Games aims to consciously alter these dynamics.

However, despite the prospect of engaging young creators, Epic Games remains committed to maintaining control over the creations. While specifics of this system are yet to be determined, the company emphasizes the importance of moderation. Persson stressed the inadequacy of relying solely on DMCA and brand enforcement restrictions, advocating for human-led moderation systems to provide clear feedback to players.