Fortnite's Mystery: Discovering Aang and Appa in Chapter 5 Season 2

Numerous gamers observed that the developers refreshed a nameless area of the map with an enigmatic Iceberg concealing Aang from "Avatar: The Last Airbender".
What’s in the iceberg? Wrong answers only
What’s in the iceberg? Wrong answers only / Epic Games | Fortnite X

Chapter 5 Season 2 has introduced various new items and cosmetic collections into Fortnite. Alongside the Ascendant Midas outfit, Epic Games has collaborated with "The Legend of Korra" animated fantasy series and added Korra as part of a mid-season collaboration event.

While Korra can be acquired as an unlockable skin, many players also noticed that the devs updated an unnamed section of the map with a mysterious Iceberg which turned out to be holding Aang from "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Without further ado, here’s how you can get there.

Here’s Where You Can Find the Aang and Appa Iceberg

The mysterious Iceberg holding Aang can be found in the ocean, in the northeastern direction of Classy Courts on Fortnite’s map. Thankfully, this area is visible straight from the Battle Bus, making it easier to reach just by jumping off the bus and using your glider to land there. Taking a closer look at the Ice dome on the berg will reveal Aang and his loyal sky bison Appa, appearing to be meditating within this frozen enclosure.

Given its position, reaching the main island from the iceberg can be quite a challenging task, as it is secluded from all areas of the map, with the closest region being the Grand Glacier mountains besides Classy Courts. Although Epic Games has not unveiled any other details except for a teaser, rumors suggest that Aang and Appa will be a part of the upcoming Avatar Battle Pass.

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As evident from the aforementioned post, it seems possible that these characters will soon be available in the game. However, besides exploring the Ice Dome, there isn’t much else to do right now.

Although the Iceberg is available as part of Fortnite’s map, you need to remember that it is a temporary asset that will be unveiled as we progress through the rest of the season. It is most likely that the Ice Dome will melt or disappear entirely from the game, replaced by events surrounding the actual characters within it.