Fortnite's Marvel Collab Reloads

Marvel will once again make a grand entrance into Epic Games' battle royale, much like it did four years ago.
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As Chapter 5 - Season 3 of Fortnite unfolds, fans are already looking ahead to what the future holds.

Epic Games, always forward-thinking, is already planning upcoming updates, with Metallica on the horizon for the next one and gears turning for what's to come after. This brings them squarely into focus for their new season, once again centered around Marvel.

This forward-thinking approach not only allows them to minimize errors but also enables them to anticipate events, such as the gradual shift to vehicles in this season. However, it's a double-edged sword, as adding data to internal files inevitably leads to leaks.

Consequently, numerous well-founded theories suggest that the upcoming Chapter 5 - Season 4 will revolve around another massive collaboration with Marvel, with the current Magneto skin merely a taste of what's to come.

Data from past seasons hinted at this possibility, and it's no coincidence, given the success of the X-Men 97 series. Four years after Chapter 2 - Season 4, which saw Marvel characters take center stage, they're making a comeback. This timing coincides with the season that ran from August to December 2020, culminating in the spectacular Galactus event.

Fortnite is already testing update v30.40, which is expected to arrive in about a month and a half, marking the end of the current season. It's a proactive move to prepare for the season's conclusion, even though it's still two months away.

If the theories and leaks prove true, Marvel will once again make a grand entrance into Epic Games' battle royale, much like it did four years ago. Back then, iconic Marvel locations like Tony Stark's bases and villainous bots graced the game. Players could obtain skins of Thor, She-Hulk, Groot, Storm, Doctor Doom, Mystique, Iron Man, and even Wolverine through additional challenges. This collaboration coincided with the aftermath of the blockbuster film Endgame, during Marvel's peak popularity.

Now, with highly anticipated releases like Deadpool and Wolverine slated for late July, the timing couldn't be better for another collaboration. Both characters already have skins in the game, but they could be joined by many others, including additional X-Men or the X-Force group. Fortnite's collaboration with Marvel is ongoing, with periodic tie-ins like comic book releases that offer in-game rewards.

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