Fortnite's Influence: A Blessing or a Curse for Call of Duty?

Some players in the Call of Duty community see Fortnite's impact on the gaming industry negatively, suggesting that Epic Games' Battle Royale has harmed the franchise.
His ascension will be GOLDEN!!
His ascension will be GOLDEN!! / Epic Games | Fortnite X

Fortnite revolutionized the gaming industry by taking a popular trend to new heights, paving the way for the widespread popularity of Battle Royale games. This success prompted major franchises like Call of Duty to embrace the Battle Royale model, forever altering the landscape of the gaming world.

However, not all players view Fortnite's impact on the gaming industry in a positive light. Some within the Call of Duty community argue that Epic Games' Battle Royale has had a detrimental effect on the franchise, steering it away from its roots and forcing it to adopt features like Battle Passes and weapon blueprints to keep pace with the evolving gaming landscape.

Many Call of Duty fans speculate how different the franchise might have been if Fortnite hadn't risen to prominence. Activision Blizzard's foray into the Battle Royale genre with Warzone, complete with its own Battle Passes and special collaborations, is seen by some as a direct response to Fortnite's success.

The sentiment among certain segments of the gaming community is that Call of Duty and other major franchises would have been better off without the pervasive influence of Fortnite. Critics argue that attempting to replicate Fortnite's model has led to a dilution of the gaming experience and has negatively impacted players.

"It's pretty clear that CoD, along with many other games, tried to mimic Fortnite's success, and it's been a disaster. Battle Passes, blueprints, bundles, two full-blown Battle Royale games – it's insane. Remember when we used to complain about loot boxes? Those were the good old days," lamented one fan on Reddit.

While some agree with this sentiment and blame Fortnite for the industry's shift towards monetization-driven gameplay, others believe that the root cause lies in the inherent ambition of certain gaming companies.

Some argue that Call of Duty faced similar issues even before the emergence of Fortnite, suggesting that the Battle Royale genre itself may not be solely responsible for the industry's woes. Ultimately, opinions vary on whether Fortnite's influence has been a blessing or a curse for the gaming industry, with some questioning the very concept of Battle Royale and its impact on gaming as a whole.