Fortnite's Fashion: Sneak Peek at Upcoming Survey Skins!

These characters are scheduled to debut in the store, the Fortnite Club, and upcoming Battle Passes in the coming months.
Make sure that amp is CRANKED!
Make sure that amp is CRANKED! / Epic Games | Fortnite X

We've compiled all the new April 2024 survey skins in Fortnite into one image. These are the characters set to arrive in the store, the Fortnite Club, and upcoming Battle Passes in the months ahead.

Epic Games recently unveiled a new batch of Fortnite skins, shared through surveys with select content creators. As customary, these images offer a sneak peek at the new characters coming to the game in the short and medium term. Similar to past releases, we've gathered the upcoming skins for Fortnite.

For years, Epic Games has been sending conceptual art of upcoming Fortnite skins to select content creators and a few chosen players. Thanks to dedicated fans who shared these images on social media since April 18, 2024, we now know the latest survey skins. There are a total of 35 new skins slated for release soon, which could include store skins, upcoming Battle Pass skins, or Fortnite Club skins:

Among the diverse range of characters, it's worth noting the abundance of anthropomorphic animal skins. Several cats, a raccoon, a panther, and a monkey are among the skins showcased in their conceptual state. Additionally, there are several variants of existing skins in the game, such as an inked version of Dummy, a Fishstick DJ, or a new variant of Siren with an outfit reminiscent of The Society, the antagonist faction from Chapter 5 Season 1.

Fortnite fans should bookmark and save this news to see in the coming months how many of these new skins make their way into the game after first appearing as artwork in a Fortnite survey. For example, the Aphrodite skin from Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 was first revealed in August 2023, indicating a lag of about six months from the initial reveal to Epic Games bringing the artwork to life and creating a 3D model for the game.

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Keep in mind that Fortnite skins are purely cosmetic items; they are identical in terms of gameplay stats or player attributes. None are "faster" or have "more life" than others; their use only determines the appearance of each player's avatar. Don't get the wrong idea.

For now, they are simply conceptual art of skins that could arrive in the game soon. Considering past releases, the majority of skins will likely make their way to Fortnite, but the less popular ones may be discarded or reworked for future introduction.