Fortnite's Fall Guys Debut Delayed: What to Expect Next

Today's announcement brings a mix of emotions: the eagerly anticipated debut of Fall Guys in UEFN has been delayed by several months.
Here we go. The Big Bang event will have one more showing at 11pm ET tonight.
Here we go. The Big Bang event will have one more showing at 11pm ET tonight. / Epic Games | Fortnite X

Fortnite fans were thrilled when news broke last month that Fall Guys would be making its way to the game through the Unreal Editor in Fortnite (UEFN) program.

Amidst the excitement of upcoming modes like Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival, and LEGO Fortnite, the announcement promised a fusion of two beloved gaming worlds. However, today brings a bittersweet update: the Fall Guys debut in UEFN has been postponed by a few months.

The official announcement of the delay was made via the Fortnite Creators Twitter account, citing the need for "a little more time to cook." While the specifics behind the delay remain undisclosed, it's widely speculated that ensuring the seamless integration of Fall Guys' physics into Fortnite is the primary focus. This meticulous attention to detail reflects the commitment to delivering an authentic and enjoyable experience for players.

Although the delay is disappointing, fans can take solace in the knowledge that the wait won't be excessively long. Originally slated for a May release without a specific date, the new timeline aims for a summer 2024 launch. While the latest possible release date coincides with the end of summer on September 22nd, it's more likely that eager players will get their hands on Fall Guys by August, barring any further setbacks.

The anticipation for Fall Guys in Fortnite is heightened by recent leaks revealing a plethora of exciting content planned for 2024. From new Fall Guys content in the battle royale mode to potential collaborations with Metallica and Pirates of the Caribbean, the Fortnite universe is poised for an electrifying year ahead. Additionally, rumors abound about the return of Fortnite OG with Chapter 2 and an upcoming Marvel-themed season in August featuring new Fantastic Four content.

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But that's just the beginning of what Epic has in store for Fortnite enthusiasts. With three major modes—Fortnite Festival, LEGO Fortnite, and Rocket Racing—teeming with potential crossovers and content drops, the gaming landscape is brimming with excitement. While Fall Guys' debut may be delayed, the future of Fortnite remains as vibrant and dynamic as ever.

Fortnite is currently available on PlayStation, mobile, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms, while Fall Guys can be enjoyed on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC. Stay tuned for further updates as the Fortnite universe continues to evolve and expand.