Fortnite's Digital Playground Raises Funds for Ukraine

By engaging in a variety of in-game tasks, whether it's completing missions or merely exploring the map, players have the opportunity to contribute to the fundraising endeavors.
Epic Games / Fortnite

Fortnite, known for its vibrant community and charitable endeavors since its inception, is once again making waves with its latest initiative, The Donation Map.

This innovative project, spearheaded by Havas Play and United24, aims to leverage the virtual world of gaming to make a real-world impact by raising funds for the reconstruction of the Prybuzka outpatient clinic in the Ukrainian region of Mykolaiv.

The concept behind The Donation Map is both simple and powerful. Players are invited to explore a virtual rendition of Kiev's Independence Square within Fortnite's expansive world. Through their participation in various in-game activities, such as completing missions or simply spending time within the map, players can contribute to the fundraising efforts.

Yaroslava Gres, coordinator of the United24 platform, emphasizes the importance of creative approaches in garnering support for Ukraine's ongoing needs: "After two years of war, it is crucial to utilize creativity and communication to remind the world that Ukraine still requires assistance. By integrating into one of the world's most renowned games, we aim to shed light on Ukraine's situation and rebuild a much-needed outpatient medical clinic in the Mykolaiv region."

The success of The Donation Map relies on community involvement and spreading awareness. Players can access the map using the code 1992-2531-2170 or by searching for it directly within Fortnite. Every moment spent within the map contributes to the fundraising efforts, with donations scaling based on the map's popularity and player engagement.

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Fabrice Plazolles, Havas Play's Chief Creative Officer, expresses confidence in the gaming community's ability to effect change: "The gaming community is known for its cohesion and commitment to society. By connecting to Fortnite's map, players can make a positive impact and save lives, aiding in the recovery of a nation in a delicate situation."

The Donation Map not only underscores Fortnite's continued dedication to philanthropy but also showcases the profound influence of gaming communities in addressing real-world challenges.