Fortnite's Bounty: Free Rewards Galore Await in the Qualifying Cups

The possibilities for earning prizes in Fortnite without spending money have grown, with a new chance available today through the qualifying cups.
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Don't miss Lantern Fest Oasis mini-games 🕹️ / Epic Games | Fortnite X

As the Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 5 continues its stride, propelled by its recent second patch, excitement among players is palpable. This latest update brought with it a trio of new Marvel skins and quests to unlock Korra and other Avatar-themed rewards, with a nifty trick surfacing to expedite completion. But that's not all.

We've also been treated to insights into the forthcoming four Fortnite updates and their contents, along with the tantalizing prospect of snagging three additional free rewards. The avenues for earning prizes without spending a dime in Fortnite have expanded over time, with a fresh opportunity arising today, courtesy of the qualifying cups.

Renowned content creator JorgeMost has been among the voices sharing details on the quartet of prizes up for grabs in the gaming session kicking off this evening.

Participation in this competition requires only a few prerequisites: being at least 13 years old (or as per the age requirement in one's country of residence), having multifactor authentication enabled, and possessing an account at level 15 or higher. The key is to ensure entry into the session corresponding to your rank in the Battle Royale's Ranked mode.

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For 4 hours, there will be no limit on matches to secure these rewards. Merely playing 6 matches across any of the three sessions earns you the "Ray of Light" loading screen. The "Star Chain" loading screen awaits those who amass 25 points, while to claim the "Constellation Wings" loading screen, reaching 50 points is the goal.

The ultimate prize, perhaps the most coveted, is the "Pantheon Offering" glider. To add it to your inventory, you must achieve a minimum score of 75 points during the event's duration, leaving no time to spare. So, gear up and dive in, as every minute counts on this exhilarating journey through Fortnite's competitive landscape.