Fortnite Players Sound Alarm Over Sniper Meta Gripes

Fortnite enthusiasts are expressing worries that not even the inclusion of mythical abilities can improve the current season's gameplay dynamics unless Epic Games tackles an extensively disliked weapon.
Epic Games / Fortnite X

Fortnite fans are raising concerns that even mythical powers can't salvage the current season's meta unless Epic Games addresses a widely despised weapon.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, introduces players to new mythical powers, points of interest, and weapon bunkers. While the "Myths and Mortals" season has been lauded for its challenges, players assert that a significant issue with the meta remains unaddressed in the latest update.

In a Reddit post titled "Chapter 5 has had the worst solo meta I can remember (no building)," user GalacticElectron outlined that surviving the battle royale has become nearly impossible without acquiring a Sniper rifle.

"I just played a solo where I killed 7 people and none of the people I killed had a Sniper, nor could I find one. By the time the top 10 rolled around I basically couldn't do anything as I couldn't find bunkers and cover was limited. Everywhere I looked there was a player in a bunker with a scope glint," described the user.

The Fortnite player then stated that every solo encounter has become a long-range sniper battle where only a few manage to participate at the end of the match. Fortnite enthusiasts echoed that despite the Chapter 5 Season 2 update, this issue has become more prevalent, with even the Icarus Wings failing to evade snipers.

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"I really hate the sniper meta. It's especially bad when the new myths tend to turn you into a giant stationary target to use. But it's not just a sniper problem, I've been killed by very long-range SMGs when using the Icarus Wings for no reason," pointed out one player.

Fortnite players believe the "sniper meta" surged because countering snipers has become impossible with the current weapon meta, highlighting that the availability of the automatic shotgun Frenzy almost renders other options useless. Hence, Fortnite players argue that Chapter 5 hosts the worst meta in the game's history.

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