Fortnite Expands with LEGO Smoothie Odyssey

Fortnite's powerful creative features enable players to create and distribute their own LEGO gaming adventures on the platform.
Aaaaaaand relax 💆
Aaaaaaand relax 💆 / Epic Games | LEGO Fortnite X

Fortnite is evolving beyond its roots as a battle royale shooter, expanding its platform to host a variety of gaming experiences.

The latest addition to its repertoire is another LEGO game, raising the question: Could Fortnite become the go-to destination for LEGO gaming adventures? On Tuesday, LEGO Group and Epic Games unveiled their latest collaboration: LEGO Smoothie Odyssey, a space exploration adventure.

True to its name, LEGO Smoothie Odyssey invites players to embark on a cosmic journey, collecting ingredients to craft otherworldly smoothies. The game emphasizes exploration, allowing players to traverse diverse landscapes, from ancient caves to bubbling geysers. Its vibrant, neon-colored worlds seamlessly blend with Fortnite’s signature aesthetic.

The LEGO Fortnite universe began with the Minecraft-inspired map, combining brick-building mechanics with survival gameplay. Since then, LEGO and Epic Games have expanded the world and introduced a slew of other games within the Fortnite launcher.

From LEGO Plane Walkers, where players navigate planes by balancing wings, to LEGO Cat Island Adventure, LEGO Prop Hunt, and LEGO Battle Arena, the offerings continue to grow. February saw the introduction of LEGO Raft Survival and LEGO Obby Fun, adding to the diverse lineup.

And this is just the beginning. Fortnite’s robust creative tools empower users to design and share their own LEGO gaming experiences within the platform. Fortnite's LEGO catalog expands in both number and scope and it's clear that the collaboration between them is opening up exciting new possibilities for gaming enthusiasts. Fortnite Elevates Anime Skin Quality!. News. Fortnite Season 3: Leaked Skins. Fortnite’s New Season: Power Armor and Sandy .