Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: A New Era

Amid the excitement, two significant partnerships have been confirmed, set to bring a new dynamic to the Fortnite world.
Enter at your own risk 😈
Enter at your own risk 😈 / Epic Games | Fortnite X
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Fallout and Marvel: What to Expect

Epic Games has confirmed that we will see characters from both Fallout and Marvel making their way into the game. This follows earlier leaks which included hints about a blue-haired character, now confirmed by notable leaker HYPEX. The Fallout collaboration might bring in iconic characters like the Vault Dweller, while Marvel could introduce new superheroes to complement those already in the game.

Nitro Theme and New Characters

Additionally, the upcoming season seems to revolve around the theme "Nitro." While the specifics are still under wraps, teasers, and leaks suggest a high-octane focus, with characters like Red Helmet and Nitro Carrot set to make an appearance. This theme could potentially bring a slew of speed-oriented gameplay mechanics and cosmetics, adding a thrilling dimension to the Fortnite experience.

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