Fortnite and Invincible: A Canon Crossover?

Robert Kirkman, the creator of Invincible, hinted that "maybe the game is part of the series' canon"
Think, Mark.
Think, Mark. / Epic Games | Fortnite Facebook

In a groundbreaking crossover, the latest episode of the second season of 'Invincible,' the acclaimed animated series known for its brutal deconstruction of the superhero genre on Amazon Prime Video, featured unexpected cameos, including a unique version of Spider-Man and even a Fortnite weapon from Epic Games.

Creator Robert Kirkman hinted at a deeper connection between the series and the popular game, suggesting that "perhaps the game is canon within the series."

The episode, which aired on Thursday, April 4th, 2024, introduced several surprises, including a pivotal moment where protagonist Mark/Invincible wields a Dragon's Breath Sniper Rifle from Fortnite against the antagonist Angstrom Levy. Kirkman revealed that the weapon's 3D model was directly incorporated into the 2D animation of the series, a subtle nod to the collaboration between 'Invincible' and Fortnite.

In a recent interview with Variety, Kirkman discussed the creative process behind the crossover, which stemmed from conversations with Donald Mustard, the former creative director of Fortnite. This collaboration builds upon previous interactions between the two franchises, including the introduction of 'Invincible' skins in Fortnite in November 2023.

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Kirkman's comments suggest a compelling narrative link between 'Invincible' and Fortnite, proposing that the events in the series intersect with the expansive universe of the game. This notion opens up intriguing possibilities, blurring the lines between reality and fiction as characters navigate through dimensions and battle for survival on the Fortnite island.

While the canonical status of the Fortnite cameo in 'Invincible' remains subject to interpretation, Kirkman's vision offers a tantalizing glimpse into a multiverse where diverse franchises coexist within the expansive realm of Fortnite.