Explore Lunar Horizons: ESA Launches Moon Mission Game in Fortnite

Lunar Horizons provides a 3D immersive adventure situated at the lunar South Pole, a crucial access point for future lunar expeditions.
Lunar Horizons.
Lunar Horizons. / Epic Games | Fortnite.com

The European Space Agency (ESA) has unveiled a lunar mission game within Fortnite, inviting players to bounce across the lunar surface, gather resources, and construct habitats, mirroring the future endeavors of astronauts destined for Earth's dusty satellite.

Lunar Horizons offers a 3D immersive experience set at the lunar South Pole, a pivotal gateway for upcoming lunar missions. Developed by Epic Games, ESA, and Hassell, this game was launched on Fortnite, providing enthusiasts with an engaging blend of gaming and space exploration.

Collaborating closely with ESA, game developers crafted an authentic lunar environment, enabling players to glean real-life space facts while navigating its terrain. For space lovers, this gaming experience is a dream come true.

As a player, you traverse the crater-filled lunar surface, scavenging for resources, utilizing tools, and assembling each module of a lunar habitat akin to real-life mission operations. While the game may seem fantastical, its foundation lies in real-life lunar missions. Players encounter ESA's lunar lander module, Argonaut, a vital component for supplying cargo to future lunar crews.

"Welcome to the lunar South Pole," the game's opening line reads. "Your mission: gather water and helium-3 to complete ESA's lunar habitat." The lunar South Pole is a focal point for future lunar missions due to its potential reservoirs of water ice hidden within permanently shadowed regions.

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Water is crucial for establishing a lunar habitat, a cornerstone for fostering permanent human presence on the lunar surface, aiding future endeavors into deeper space. Future lunar missions also aim to harness clean energy sources from the lunar surface, such as helium-3, which could fuel safer nuclear fusion reactors.

Access Lunar Horizons with the code 3207-0960-6428 or by searching 'Lunar Horizons' in Discover. Embark on an exhilarating journey through space and immerse yourself in the wonders of lunar exploration right within the Fortnite universe.