Exclusive PlayStation Plus Skin, Lina Scorch Arrives in Fortnite!

This week, PlayStation Plus subscribers who are fans of Fortnite are in for an exciting surprise as Epic Games introduces an exclusive skin.

Epic Games / Fortnite

Fortnite enthusiasts who are also subscribed to PlayStation Plus are in for a treat this week as Epic Games unveils an exclusive skin giveaway for Sony's service subscribers.

Exclusive PlayStation Plus Skin: A Special Reward for Fortnite Fans

Introducing Lina Scorch, a character whose appearance diverges from the theme of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, centered around the gods of Olympus. This unique skin comes bundled in the Blazin' Wheels pack, which includes its LEGO counterpart and a stylish backpack accessory.

While the skin is accessible only through PlayStation, once claimed, players can enjoy using Lina Scorch across various platforms, including PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

Epic Games Confronts Challenges in Fortnite Season Launch

Epic Games recently encountered unforeseen technical hurdles that resulted in a delay in the commencement of Season 2. Typically, the maintenance required for season launches lasts no more than a couple of hours. However, in this instance, it extended beyond 12 hours, marking it as the longest delay in Fortnite's history.

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Despite the challenges, the new season of Fortnite delves into Greek mythology, offering players an array of divine skins featuring gods such as Aphrodite, Hades, and Zeus, among others. As the season progresses, players can expect to embark on mythic adventures and unlock legendary rewards inspired by ancient lore.

Stay tuned to Fortnite for more updates and exclusive offerings as Season 2 unfolds, promising epic battles and mythical encounters in the ever-evolving world of Fortnite.

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