Exciting Updates Await: Fortnite's Item Shop Evolution

Fortnite fans, brace yourselves for major updates! A well-known Fortnite insider suggests that a new "Billboard" feature may arrive in the Item Shop as early as May 3, or maybe even sooner.
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Embrace your inner warrior ⚔️ / Epic Games | Fortnite X

Fortnite enthusiasts, get ready for some game-changing updates! According to a prominent Fortnite leaker, a brand-new "Billboard" feature is rumored to be making its debut in the Item Shop by May 3, possibly even earlier.

With the next Fortnite update slated for Tuesday, April 23, players can expect a slew of fresh gameplay features to enhance their gaming experience.

The impending changes aren't limited to just the Billboard feature; the Item Shop is set to undergo further enhancements, including the addition of a countdown timer for all items. This nifty addition will provide players with precise information on when each cosmetic will be rotating out of the Shop. Epic Games has confirmed that this upgrade is on track for a May release.

Renowned Fortnite leaker and Twitter user Hypex dropped some exciting hints regarding the introduction of Billboards, revealing that they are being tested in preparation for Fortnite's upcoming Star Wars collaboration, slated for early May.

Interestingly, support for the Billboard feature seems to be rolling out with the April 23 update, potentially making its debut ahead of schedule. Hypex even shared a glimpse of what these Billboards might look like, showcasing a scrapped design from years past.

Based on Epic's initial concept, Billboards will occupy a prominent position at the top of the Item Shop page, commanding attention with their large displays featuring new items or bundles, such as those tied to the highly anticipated Star Wars collaboration.

Speaking of which, Fortnite's Star Wars crossover kicks off on May 3, with Hypex speculating that a Billboard will be utilized to showcase the event's Rebel Leia Organa Outfit. Additionally, the leaker has provided insights into what players can expect from the April 23 update, including the return of the Tactical AR, new LEGO edit styles, the launch of Fortnite Festival's Season 3, and the introduction of a new Icon artist, among other exciting additions.