Exciting Changes Coming to Fortnite's Item Shop

Fortnite is potentially on the verge of integrating Item Shop features into its website, improving player engagement within the game.
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Your one-stop shop for everything live status for #Fortnite! / Epic Games | Fortnite Status X

Fortnite may soon be adding Item Shop functions to its website, enhancing the way players interact with the game.

Since October 2017, Fortnite's Item Shop has featured daily rotations, with some items carrying over to the next day. Notable early items included the Skull Trooper, Assault Trooper, and Ranger skins. With Chapter 5 Season 3 launching on May 24, new changes are on the horizon.

One major update is the addition of timers for each item, replacing the standard 24-hour daily timer. This update will also bring changes to Fortnite Festival and introduce a highly anticipated Fallout collaboration. Epic Games has already teased the inclusion of T-60 power armor from Fallout as part of this update.

Twitter user ShiinaBR recently pointed out an update to the Fortnite website, revealing that item shop functions may soon be added. Epic appears to be working on enabling direct purchases and refunds through the website, as well as introducing "Video Previews" for items.

These features have been in development for some time, but only now are being implemented on the website. The shop has seen various new sections since its inception, including Fortnite Festival songs and LEGO sets.

Fortnite Festival will also see updates, adding accessibility options to Pro Bass and Pro Lead difficulty modes. Players will be able to bind any controller or keyboard on a PC to play these modes, and console players can use their controllers in Pro mode.

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